The Reality of Goalie Development

Sports have a tendency to swing way to the left or way to the right when it comes to training. It doesn’t matter what sport your talking about, it seems that sports and development never meet in the middle to provide a realistic plan for development. I started Optimal Goalie over ten years ago in grad school with the idea that if you provide honest information and a realistic plan, a goalie will truly have a path to being the most successful goalie they can be. 

Unfortunately, a lot of coaches, the internet, and social media don’t follow those same ideas. Many people would have you believe that in order to be a better goalie, you must spend every day on the ice working with a goalie coach or playing in a game, that your training off the ice must look exactly like it does on the ice, that contorting your body into a unhealthy positions to reduce pain on the ice is safe, and my favorite, that their online program for training at home will lead you to becoming a better goalie. 

It sure would be nice if it was that easy to becoming an elite goalie, but it’s not! Most goalies today spend the same number of hours working with a goalie coach and playing around the same number of games each year. So, if we take a realistic look at what most goalies are doing, they are all doing the same thing, and unfortunately all ending up in the same place, not reaching their full potential.

The best way to reach your full potential on the ice is to be doing things differently than the goalies around you off the ice. Off ice training is the number one thing goalie coaches from the NHL to youth hockey tell me that their goalies need to improve. If you’re wondering why off-ice training is not being done by goalies or is being done in the wrong way? It’s because most goalies don’t understand how, when, and what they should be doing.

That’s why it’s so important to be working with a coach off the ice like me that can give you more than a training program. I know from personal experience that the biggest thing missing in my development and every goalie I’ve worked with in the last ten plus years was someone that guided us away from the rink.

I have the playing experience, coaching experience, education, and passion to help you reach your goals on the ice. I will not only provide you with the best goalie off-ice training program, but also help you grow in all areas of life and hockey. If you’re a goalie, goalie parent, or coach and I have sparked your interest, give me a call 952-270-5490 or email me I will be more than happy to talk with you about how working with me will be the game changer you’ve been looking for.