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Goalie Off-Ice Development

Over the last forty years, the position of goaltending has evolved more than any other position in sports. Goaltending has come from a time when there was no coaching to today where goalie coaching is available year-round. Yet through this evolution, one thing has stayed the same, the position and community of goaltending ignores the development a goalie needs off the ice.

I have spent my entire life studying the position from an off-ice perspective looking for what truly makes a goalie elite. In that time, I have found one thing to be true about elite goalies. No matter their style of play, height, or where they come from, their foundation is built on being a great athlete.

My program focuses on developing you into the best athlete you can be so that your goalie coach can develop you into the best goalie you can be. With a proven track record and a passion for goalie off-ice development that you will not find anywhere else, I know my methods can take your game to the next level.

Person First

At Optimal Goalie, you are more than just a number; you are an individual person, and this is at the forefront of my goalie development program. Each training program is tailored to each individual goalie’s unique strengths, weaknesses, lifestyle, personality, and goals on and off the ice.

Athlete Second

The key to being great in any sport is athleticism. Athleticism comes from developing your entire body for performance and not just learning a set of skills. My programs incorporate every area of performance development ensuring your body and mind will be prepared for optimal performance on the ice.

Goalie Third

Successful goalie-focused work on the ice can only happen once a goalie has developed their athleticism and learned what works off the ice for their body and style of play. This is why the goalie-focused aspect of my program happens third and not first, as you cannot multiply and divide without knowing how to add and subtract!

The Numbers Speak for Themselves!

Since the spring of 2021 the goalies in the Optimal Goalie High School Development Program have achieved the following:
  • Two NCAA D1 Commits
  • Five NCAA D3 Commits
  • Two-time Hlinka-Gretzky Tournament participate
    (Starting goalie for 3rd place finishing team in the 2023 tournament)
  • Two USHL Draft Picks
  • Five Junior tenders in NAHL & MJHL
  • Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament (Champion, Runner Up, and Consolation Champion)
  • Nine Goalies Have Participated in the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament
  • Two All-Tournament Award Winners
  • One Frank Brimsek Award Nomination 
  • Three Team MVP’s
  • Six All-Conference Award Winners
  • Two USA Hockey National Camp Participates 
  • Five High Performance 54’s Participates
  • Thirteen High Performance Festival Participates
  • Six Elite League Participates

Parent Testimonial

When my son and I were first approached by Larry we were not sure what to expect as we had never heard of his training program. Although Robbie was training somewhere else, he was not satisfied with the training off the ice. So, we decided to meet with Larry to see what his program was all about and we were both immediately impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm for goalie off-ice training.

From day one he has developed a program that is specific to Robbie and his development on the ice as a goalie resulting in tremendous improvements on and off the ice. The camaraderie that is developed between the goalies in the high school program has been a great asset.

As a goalie parent who knows very little about hockey, Larry has been a tremendous resource to me. He responds to questions in a timely fashion while always providing me with an honest assessment of the situation and great advice on how to handle it. I now understand how important off-ice training is for a goalie and would highly encourage goalie parents to have their child work with Larry.

Kristi Gross
Edina, MN

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