Goalie Off-Ice Development

Train to be more than just a goalie!

Goaltending is the most challenging position in the game of hockey. It is not hard for a goalie to find a goalie coach to teach the on-ice skills of the position. Unfortunately, it is tough to find a performance coach that truly understands the unique physical and mental challenges of the position and what a goalie really needs off the ice to excel on the ice.

Optimal Goalie is dedicated to goalie off-ice development. With our 3-point approach to development, we can improve any goalie’s on-ice performance, reduce the risk of injury, and increase confidence.

Person First

At Optimal Goalie, you are more than just a number; you are a person. With this being at the forefront of our approach, our training is tailored to each goalies’ unique strengths, weaknesses, lifestyle, personality, and goals on and off the ice

Athlete Second

The key to being great at any sport is athleticism, and athleticism comes from building and developing your entire body for performance and not just learning a set of skills. Our training programs incorporate nutrition, mental, and personal development that will prepare your body and mind for optimal performance on the ice

Goalie Third

Having the foundation for goalie focused work off the ice can only happen successfully once a goalie has mastered athleticism and learned what works on and off the ice for their style of play. This is why the goalie focused aspect of our development program happens third and not first, as you cannot multiply and divide without knowing how to add and subtract!

“It’s my job to develop you into the best athlete you can be, so that your goalie coach can develop you into the best goalie you can be”
Optimal Goalie Founder
Larry Grace Jr

About Optimal Goalie

Optimal Goalie provides off-ice development for goalies of all ages and levels. We will improve your on-ice performance through science-based sports performance training methods that will develop your overall athleticism leading to greater on-ice performance. If you are looking for a realistic path to success on the ice, Optimal Goalie is the place for you!

Going into my final season of junior hockey, I knew I needed to improve my off-ice training in the off season. After talking with my goalie coach, he recommended that I work with Larry.
I spent the summer working with Larry, and the results I got where nothing less than amazing. Within weeks, my entire body felt stronger and more conditioned. By the end of the summer, I was in the best shape of my life and for the first time in three seasons of junior hockey I was fully prepared physically and mentally for training camp. Larry is one of the main reasons I was able to commit to a division one school.

Nick L.
Roseville, MN

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