Off Ice Development

Be more than a goalie!!!

In today’s hockey world, goalies spend around the same number of hours on the ice through games, practices, and goalie coaching sessions. So, the number one way for a goalie to rise above all the other goalies doing the same thing, is to spend more time developing off the ice in a program that is designed for you, by someone who has walked in your shoes as a goalie. At Optimal Goalie, there are no shortcuts, gimmicks, or fads. All we offer is a realistic path to development and success. If that’s what you’re looking for you’re in the right place.

Growing up as a Minnesota goalie, it was hard to find goaltending specific training off the ice. I would find myself questioning if the work I was doing was maximizing my performance on the ice. As I got into junior and college hockey, I realized how important it was to train off the ice specifically for my position. When I started True Performance Goaltending, I made it a point to find someone that could give the goalies we work with the resource I wish I had growing up.

This is why I encourage our goalies to start taking their off-ice training seriously, and nobody does that better for this position than Larry at Optimal Goalie. His knowledge of the position and expertise in kinesiology couple to create the best possible training technique for goaltenders. His individual approach is unmatched. He understands that no two goalies play the same way, or are the same person away from the game, so they shouldn’t train the same way either. His work truly translates to the ice and maximizes the performance I look to get out of my goalies at True Performance Goaltending.

Larry is my go-to person for all thing’s goalie off-ice training and he should be yours too!

Collin O.
True Performance Goaltending
Apple Valley, MN

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