Goalie Testimonials

Going into my final season of junior hockey, I knew I needed to improve my off-ice training in the off season. After talking with my goalie coach, he recommended that I work with Larry.
I spent the summer working with Larry, and the results I got where nothing less than amazing. Within weeks, my entire body felt stronger and more conditioned. By the end of the summer, I was in the best shape of my life and for the first time in three seasons of junior hockey I was fully prepared physically and mentally for training camp. Larry is one of the main reasons I was able to commit to a division one school.

Nick Lehr
Roseville, MN

For the last three years I have been working with Larry developing my game off the ice. In that time, I have noticed significant improvements in my on-ice performance and in the mental side of the position. I know all the improvements that I have seen, are due to Larry developing my athleticism. The training environment at Optimal Goalie has helped learn and improve my game by being around other great goalies that have had success through his program.

I am so glad I started working with Larry when I did and I would 100% advise any goalie looking to be their best, to start working with Larry as soon as you can.

Sam Callier

I have been a part of the Optimal Goalie program for over four years and working with Larry has brought my game to an elite level. He has created an environment that brings the best out of you that also allows you to learn from goalies who have been in your shoes.

Something that sets Larry apart is the way he incorporates sports science into the program. With the data he collects we can see very quickly what is working and was is not which has been a huge help for me and my parents when it comes to making decisions outside of the facility.

Not only does Larry work hard to develop you into a better athlete, he also puts a lot of time into developing our mindset which I have been to utilize in areas outside of hockey.

I cannot say enough good about Larry and his program and would recommend Optimal Goalie to any goalie that is serious about being the best they can be on the ice.

Noel Ackerman

Before working with Larry, I was doing things away from the ice, but I was mostly just going through the motions and did not know why I was doing certain exercises or if they were even improving my performance. After finding out about Optimal Goalie from a goalie I skate with in the summer, I visited the facility and was sold from the meeting I had with Larry. 

I have been working out with Larry for the past three off-seasons and have seen great results, not only off the ice, but on the ice as well. Larry runs us through an athletic based program that directly correlates to goaltending and improves your performance on the ice. 

Not only is Larry an outstanding coach, but he has also been great mentor and helped me get through the ups and downs of playing the position.

The only regret I have is that I did not find Larry and his program earlier in my career.

Thank you for everything!

Jack Wieneke
Maple Grove, MN

In my time working with Larry, I have learned the benefits of working hard, having discipline, and training with a structured plan. I have developed a consistent routine that has helped me become the best version of myself on the ice and away from it. Larry has been very supportive in my journey which has been one of the biggest reasons I starting to see my true potential on the ice.

His high school program is a great for both body and mind and I would highly recommend it to any goalie that wants to reach their full potential.

Logan Klaren
Lakeville South

After my freshman year, I knew I needed to improve my work off the ice. During our end of the season meeting my goalie coach agreed and connected with me with Larry. I have been working with Larry ever since and the results have been fantastic. Every area of my game on and off the ice has improved and I owe that all to Larry and the unique methods he uses daily to development me as an athlete.

I am really looking forward to the continued development off the ice!

Luke Marsalek
Academy of Holy Angles

I have been working with Larry for the last two years and what he has done for me and many other goalies is priceless. He has set a high standard that has forced me to be at my best every time I walk into the facility, which has translated directly to my improved performance the ice.

The progress that I have personally seen and see in all the other high school goalies in the program has solidified that Optimal Goalie is the best place for a goalie to train off the ice. His program is amazing, but what sets Larry apart from all the other coaches Iv worked with is that he truly cares about you as person first and will go out of his way to help you.

Optimal Goalie is the best and I look forward to working Larry for many more years!

Josh Middleton
St. Louis Park

Before working with Larry, I struggled to play consistently in the net and was not sure what I could do to improve that area of my game. At the end of the last season my goalie coach advised me to work with Larry in his off-ice high school development program. I am now six months into the program and seeing the benefits of putting energy and time into my off-ice training.

His program has completely transformed my game giving me the consistency I was looking for, but was not getting in the past when I focused all my work to on-ice training. Larry has done an amazing job of teaching me what I need off the ice to be at my best on the ice. His encouragement and accountability have helped me see consistent progress and I cannot wait to see that payoff next season.

Terryl Olson
St. Thomas

This past spring, I started working with Larry in his high school development program and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. He has done an amazing job helping me build structure to my development as a goalie on and off the ice.

Larry puts in a lot of effort into to making sure everything I am doing is going to lead to the best performance results on the ice. Aside from the amazing results I have seen so far, I have had the chance to work with and learn from some of the top high school goalies in the state. Which has been a huge help in preparing me for my first season of high school hockey.

I love working with Larry and cannot wait to see the continued results in the upcoming season!

Geroge Sill
Edina, MN

During my early years of playing goalie, I focused all my training towards working with goalie coaches. When I was first approached by Larry to be a part of his bantam goalie off-ice development program I was not exactly sure what off-ice training was for goalies or how important it would be to my development.

After two and half years of working with Larry I can now say that his approach and focus on developing me as an athlete away from the ice has been exactly what I needed to get better on the ice. His program has played a big role in my success during my bantam years and has put me in a great spot to play high school hockey next season.

I cannot say enough good things about Larry and his program and that is why I will always be a part of Optimal Goalie!

Chris Bade
Farmington, MN

I have been working with Larry for three years and I absolutely love his program. It is well rounded in all areas of athletic development which has improved my hand-eye coordination, IQ, mobility, and flexibility to name a few. His program is way more than the average strength and conditioning programs that are out there.

He has created a great environment that is fun and pushes you to work your hardest every time. His unique drills and exercises translate to the ice taking your game to the next level. I can see the results from year to year in my performance. His focus on recovery has allowed me to stay healthy and injury free throughout each season I have trained with Larry.

Larry’s off-ice program is the best out there!

Caleb Heil
Chanhassen, MN

Working with Larry over the last two summers has had an amazing impact on my game and who I am as a person. Larry’s knowledge around goaltending on and off the ice is unmatched and it shows in his workouts, culture, and environment that he has created. No matter how good or bad things are going he is always there to help you, which really help me get through my years in junior hockey.

Larry’s approach to the development of goalies is nothing like I have seen before and that is why he is the best at what he does. I am really looking forward to next summer’s off-season program and continued development under Larry’s guidance.

Will Penny
St. Louis Park, MN

Over past three years Larry’s off-season programs have played a significant role in my development as a goalie and as an athlete. His philosophy of developing me as an athlete has taken my game to new levels. He creates a hardworking environment that gets you excited to come in each morning and get your work done. Larry really understands what it takes to play at the highest level and I am incredibly grateful for everything he has done for me.

Looking forward to next off-season program!

Jack Stark
Chaska, MN

Since I started working with Larry, I have seen a huge growth in my development on and off the ice that ultimately played a huge role in where I am today. During my last year in high school and into my first year of juniors his program played a key role in the success I had during those seasons. The things I have learned from Larry have been invaluable and have really help prepare me for my first season of college hockey.

Zach Dosan
Rosemount, MN

Working with Larry has been a great experience. I have been training with Larry for about 2 years now and I learn something new after every workout. Through Larry’s training I have gotten stronger, more explosive on and off the ice and my tracking ability on the ice has improved greatly. Larry has not only been a great coach, but also a great mentor.

He not only encourages us to be better goalies but also to be better people. He comes out to games to see our progress and what else he can help us improve from an off-ice perspective. Throughout my two years at optimal, I have made great friendships with other goalies. They push to be better, just like Larry.

Trent Nelson
Rosemount, MN

I have been working with Larry for over two years and the progress has been amazing. From day one Larry has taught me what meaningful hard work is. I no longer just show up thinking that will be enough to have me playing at my best.

He has shown me how to set up my schedule in a way that produces great results which has me excited every day to work hard on and off the ice. I have been able to lean on Larry when things get tough and need advice, or just have questions about an opportunity I have. His knowledge about the game of hockey and goaltending is the best and really value his opinion.

The environment and culture at optimal goalie have been a huge help for me personally as I have made some amazing friendships with the other goalies. Every day we encourage each other to be are best which has produced amazing results on the ice and made off-ice training fun to come too.

The high school program is awesome and I would recommend it to every goalie!

Kai Girard
Chaska, MN

There are not enough good words to say about Larry and the high school development program he has created. He has built an amazing community where goalies can come train away from the ice and have a lot of fun working hard together. He truly understands how unique the position is and how the training off the ice must match that uniqueness.

He has challenged me to be my best at every training session no matter the day and I have made great progress on and the off the ice from that lesson. I always look forward to coming to a session and seeing the other goalies who have become like a family to me.

The high school development program is exactly what I needed to reach my potential on the ice!

Owen Schoening
Shakopee, MN

In working with Larry, I have always received positive results and had great experiences. From day one Larry has made me feel welcomed to the high school group and it’s become like a second family to me. He always goes the extra mile to help me get the most out of my training on and off the ice while teaching me valuable lessons that I use every day.

The amount of attention he pays to every aspect of my training has shown me what it’s going to take to play at the next level which something I’ve never gotten in any other training program.

Larry and Optimal Goalie are more than a training program, it’s a place where every time I step through the front door, I know that I am in good hands and the hard work that I’m putting in will translate to my performance on the ice.

Jack Hochsprung
Lakeville, MN

Form the first day of working with Larry he has been extremely helpful to me and my on-ice performance. His knowledge and experience in the game from a development perspective has helped me learn what it takes off the ice to be an elite goalie.

Larry puts lots of time and effort into making our training the best it can be, spending countless hours talking with professionals and researching various topics to help us become the best goalie we can be.

The culture he has created with bringing goalies together to train off the ice is unmatched and makes it fun to come to every training session.

I look forward to the continued results from Larrys development program!

Isak Bildsten
Roseville, MN

Before I started working with Larry, I never had a plan or even thought about off-ice training, but that changed the day I visited the Optimal Goalie facility. I knew right away that the high school program was no joke and would be very different from anything I had ever done before. Ever since then I have seen significant improvement in my on-ice performance that continues to this day.

Larry is dedicated to every goalie that works with him and it really shows as he has become a great mentor. Thank you for guiding and supporting throughout the year in the high school program!

Emmett Loftus
Lakeville, MN

I have never been happier with my on-ice performance, and I owe that all to Larry’s off-ice program. When I started working with Larry two years ago, I struggled with my confidence, playing consistently at my best, and trusting that what I was doing on and off the ice was working.

Before my first year at the U15 A level another goalie parent recommended we talk with Larry about his development programs. That recommendation changed my entire game on the ice and gave me the personal confidence to consistently play at my best.

He has been way more than a coach; he has been a great mentor and someone that I know I can trust and talk to about anything. If there is one thing I would recommend to any goalie, it would be to work with Larry. His programs work!!!

Avery Miller
Rosemount, MN

Working with Larry has really helped me develop my athleticism, while all my measurable numbers have consistently gone up helping improve my performance on the ice.

I knew working on the off-ice side of the position would help, but I did not realize how much until working with Larry. He does a great job helping you achieve your goals while teaching you the methods that really work. I would recommend any goalie to work with Larry as you will for sure get great results.

I am looking forward to continuing my hard work in the high school program.

Christian Dewey
Lakeville, MN

Working with Larry has been great, I benefit every time I am at the facility working out. He has shown me how paying attention to every detail on and off the ice plays such a big role in a goalie’s success. I really like the energy in the high school program where every goalie is working together to get better. It has been a lot of fun so far and I am excited to continue working with Larry.

Cody Neisen
Bloomington, MN

Before I was introduced to Larry, I did not spend much time away from the rink doing things to improve my game. But after meeting Larry I knew that needed to change and his off-ice program was exactly what I needed to be doing.

Within weeks of working with Larry my lifestyle and attitude away from the rink improved and the changes I noticed on the ice were amazing. Not only did I feel stronger, more agile, and flexible, my recovery between practice and games was faster helping me feel more prepared for each time I touched the ice.

Working with Larry over the last two years has me completely prepared for my first season of high school hockey.

Zach Price
Maple Grove, MN

Working with Larry has been the best hockey decision I’ve ever made. Before working with Larry, I spent my summers skating every day and working out every chance I could. I never had a plan or reason as to why I was doing what I was doing. It wasn’t until I started working with Larry that I began to see what structured and meaningful off-ice training was for a goalie. Larry did a great job of showing me how training with a plan that is focused around me as an athlete is so important.

For the first time my summer was structured and I wasn’t just busy with a schedule full of hockey stuff. I saw results right away and went into my first season of junior hockey feeling more prepared than ever before. I owe that all to Larry and his tremendous guidance away from the rink.

Thank you for all your guidance and support this past summer!

Dyllan Lubbersmeyer
Burnsville, MN

Before finding optimal goalie the biggest frustration I had with my training was off the ice. I had tried everything from local hockey training facilities to the so-called online experts’ programs. None them worked for me and I often found myself looking for off-ice training to fill that missing link.

My goalie coach referred me to Larry and it has been one the best suggestions anyone has ever given me. From day one Larry’s passion for the position and his knowledge of sports performance training and how it relates to goalie on-ice performance is amazing.

I know Larry was my “off-ice coach”, but honestly, he was a lot more that! He was a great mentor who truly cared about me as person first and was always there to help me.

Thanks for you everything you’ve done!

Ryan Dehling
White Bear Lake, MN

Parent Testimonials

I really wish we had found Larry and his off-ice program sooner! His coaching and guidance have been instrumental in my son’s growth as a goalie and young man. His program is unique in that it goes way beyond what other programs offer. He challenges each goalie to grow through the training program, while teaching them what level of commitment it takes to excel on the ice.

He is always conveying his genuine care for each individual goalie in is his program. My son has developed more physically, mentally, and personally, while gaining a tremendous amount of confidence through his time working with Larry. Larry is the first coach my son turns to when he needs advice as he knows Larry will tell him truth no matter what because he truly wants his clients to get to the next level.

Larry is the real deal and any goalie or parent that is serious about their child improving to an elite level of performance should be working with Larry!!!

Christy Middleton
St. Louis Park, MN

Our son has been working with Larry for more than two years now.  Right away, there was a noticeable increase in his confidence and on-ice performance that has continued to this day.  He really enjoys the Optimal Goalie program, buys in fully, and looks forward to going to every workout.
One of the great things about Larry is his overall knowledge about the world of goalies and his ready availability at seemingly any time, any day, to take the time to listen and help you.  Whenever we or our son have a question or an issue about anything happening on-ice or off, we can always count on Larry to help us navigate through it.  He gives honest and straightforward advice and information while never losing focus on the goalie’s development as a person first, athlete second, and goalie third.
It is readily apparent that Larry genuinely cares for his goalies.  He is much more than a trainer; he is a true asset and resource for both the goalie and their family as the goalie grows and advances through their hockey career.

Jasmine & Josh Ackerman
Rosemount, MN

Our son Nick has been working with Larry for two years and during that time we have watched a great transformation in our son on and off the ice. As parents the thing we appreciate the most about Larry is his positive influence and commitment to our son’s development as a person.

He has instilled in him how important it is to have good nutrition, get enough sleep, take care of his body, use proper recovery methods, and most of all work hard in all areas of life. Since he started working with Larry, he carries himself with a lot more confidence which has carried over into his performances on the ice.

Nick has built a foundation for hard work in the high school program and the amazing thing is none of the motivation came from us as parents, it came from Nick. Larry has truly built a unique training experience for goalies that shows in the results they are getting on the ice and in life. If you are a goalie parent looking for the difference maker in your goalie’s life, we highly recommend Larry. You will not be disappointed!

Allison Fuller
Farmington, MN

My son Zach has been training with Larry for over two years and his approach to developing goalies off the ice is exactly what my son needed to take the next step in his development as a goalie. Larry’s training program has not only helped my son become a better athlete, but it has helped him focus on his nutrition, sleep, stress management, and recovery which have helped him to prepare and play at his best every time he takes the ice. Zach is always excited to work with Larry and never wants to miss a session despite living us on the opposite side of town.

Beyond the program itself which is fantastic, Larry has been an invaluable resource for my wife and I. Larry has come to watch games over the years on his own time and is always available to answer questions. He knows a lot people within the game and will be a strong advocate for your goalie because he always puts the goalie’s interest first. This is evidenced by the help he has provided to our family via making introductions to resources to continue to help Zach achieve his goals.  

I cannot say enough good things about Larry as a person and the great program he has built at Optimal Goalie. I would highly recommend Optimal Goalie to anyone who is looking to further develop themselves into an elite athlete.  

Jason Price
Maple Grove, MN

As parents we have been so, please with the progress our son Jack has had since he started working with Larry eight months ago. For the first time our son’s off-ice work has been personalized to his specific needs as a goalie and we have noticed the positive results. From physical improvements in strength and flexibility to his focus on nutrition, rest & recovery, and overall health.

It has been amazing to see him build relationships with the other goalies in the program and have someone like Larry to lean as a mentor. There is a lot way to invest in your child’s goalie training, but there are none that match Larry’s high school development program.

Susan & Robert Hochsprung
Lakeville, MN

Optimal Goalie’s high school program is so much more than goalie training. It is a program that cultivates an environment to develop a strong body, mind, and spirit. Larry’s approach to working with goalies off the ice is what makes his program a great for any goalie that is looking for something more than just hockey training and this is the reason I chose Optimal Goalie for my son Zander.

With the position of goaltending being so unique, I am very thankful that Zander has had Lary’s program to learn and grow from. Larry cares about all the goalies he works with succeeding on and off the ice, which my son has seen firsthand through Lary’s guidance, support, advice, and friendships that have been built with the other goalies in the program.

I have seen my son change in many ways over the past year from improved physical fitness, nutrition, knowledge of the position, leadership skills, and commitment to his development on and off the ice. Larry has been a great leader and mentor to my son and I would recommend the Optimal Goalie high school program to every goalie.

David Gray
Lakeville, MN

The goaltender position is so unique within the game of hockey and as such requires a different approach off the ice to achieve the best results. Coach Grace brings a very innovative physiology to the position by focusing on the goalie’s athletic development.

By focusing on this aspect, he can key in on all the little details of athleticism that make a huge difference on the ice. Since my son started working with coach Grace, I have seen him develop more strength, increased agility, and flexibility, move better in the crease with improved footwork, track the puck better, and his mental toughness and focus have enhanced beyond measure.

Coach Grace’s efforts have also been instrumental in my son’s development as person away from game. He has learned what it takes to have perseverance in all areas of life, which I attribute to coach Grace’s no-nonsense approach and high accountability the high school program requires from the goalie.

The results I have seen are undeniably awesome!

Dave Dewey
Lakeville, MN

There is no shortage of on ice goalie training in the Twin Cities, but finding off ice training that is in tune with what a goalie needs was the one thing my son was missing. We were beyond frustrated with his team’s approach to off ice training, which was a cookie cutter program that mainly focused on skater development.

My son found very little benefit from the workouts and so our goalie coach referred us to Larry. Larry has been the most positive influence on my son’s game since he started playing hockey. Larry’s approach is intuitive, goalie oriented and individualized to the goalie as an athlete. Larry’s ability to take off ice workouts that translate directly to game situations is the next step my son needed in his hockey journey.

Beyond the amazing programming, Larry truly cares about his athletes. He has become a mentor to my son and checks in on him regularly to see how his season is going. My son knows he can reach out to Larry at any time to discuss the physical and mental aspect of the game. The confidence in his game and himself is evident and we could not be more grateful to have Larry in our corner.

Thank you for all you do, Larry! You are simply the best on so many levels!

Brian and Andrea Mach
Chanhassen, MN

Larry’s off-ice program has been the prefect compliment to my sons on-ice training. He is always excited to go and has consistently talked about the improvements he is seeing. The high school program’s schedule has allowed us to make sure that our son gets all the necessary training on and off the ice throughout the year.

As a goalie parent I really appreciate that Larry makes my son’s overall health a priority. His philosophy centered around athletic development has shown my son the importance of rest, recovery, nutrition, giving him the best opportunity to perform at his best.

Cheryl Niesen
Bloomington, MN

At the end of our sons second year in bantams we received an invitation for Oskar to be in the high school program. We had never heard of Optimal Goalies training programs, but were very curious about what they were all about. We meet with Larry and as a family we immediately recognized the potential the program could have on Oskars on-ice performance.

From the very beginning I have seen consistent improvement in Oskars on-ice performance. Which I attribute to Larry’s physiologies around off-ice development for goalies being focused on athletic development. Our son has learned how to eat healthier, take care of his body, maintain a healthy mental well-being, recovery methods, and the science behind performance which have all helped Oskar stay injury free while playing at his best.

The time and investment have been priceless!

Anne & JP Pomerenke
New Prague, MN

I wanted to put down in writing what I have been telling goalie parents since my son Zach starting training with Larry, that if I knew the results Larry gets? I would have had my son training with Larry when I first heard about his program two years ago.

Within one month of Zach working with Larry I noticed improvements in his on-ice performance that continue to this day. Not only has my son’s on-ice performance improved, but his habits away from the rink like nutrition, sleep, recovery, focus, and how he structures his day to be productive on and off the ice.

I am so glad our son started training with Larry! It has been well worth it!

Allen Dosan
Rosemount, MN

The summer pee-wee program was great for our twin boys. With a busy summer playing other sports and being involved in other activities, their favorite one was Larry’s training program.

My wife and I really like Larry’s philosophy of developing an athlete first. Throughout the summer we saw their performance improve on the ice and in the other sports they play. We were so happy to see them having fun and developing in all their sports and activities without having to take them to serval training programs.

Larry has instilled a sense of confidence and responsibility in them that has helped them grow up as young men. We are so grateful to have our boys working with Larry. They are so excited for next summer’s program!

Chris Parrington
Chaska, MN

As a goalie mom with a very passionate son in the crease. I’m always looking for positive ways to help my son improve on the ice. When his goalie coach approached us with the opportunity to train with Larry for the summer, we jumped on it. Form the first day my son has loved working with Larry and I’ve seen a huge improvement on the ice.

Larry’s training programs are amazing, and his ability to help me as a goalie parent navigate through the crazy world of hockey has been awesome. Anytime we’ve had a question Larry has given us great advice or connected us with other good hockey resources.

I would recommend Larry to any goalie parent who is looking to give their child an edge on the ice!

Julie Mahoney
Inver Grove Heights, MN

My son Parker attended the Optimal Goalie pee-wee program this past summer. Of all the camps he attended, including his on-ice training Larry’s was his favorite. He loves working with Larry and was always excited to go, and disappointed when he had to miss a session.

By the end of the summer, I could see improvements in Parkers agility, hand eye coordination, and his confidence. This was such a great experience for Parker that he is already asking to train with Larry next summer.

I would highly recommend Optimal Goalie to anyone looking to round out their goalies training!

Rachel Seeley
Eagan, MN